Where Is My Favorites List in File Explorer?

Where Is My Favorites List in File Explorer
Where Is My Favorites List in File Explorer

Internet favorites, which are used as bookmarks in Internet Explorer, and links to local files, which are displayed in the Favorites area while viewing your hard drive, are the two different types of favorites that Windows stores on your computer. Both sets of favorites can be customized to make it simpler to access frequently visited websites both online and on your computer.

The Favorites Folder

The favorites list of the Web browser is one of the ways Microsoft integrates Internet Explorer with Windows, and it is kept in the Favorites folder in your user account folder. Similar to how you access the My Documents folder, you can find this folder by accessing the folder with your user name. Alternately, you can open it directly by pressing “Windows-R” and entering the command “%userprofile%Favorites.” Any Web links added to this folder will show up in IE’s favorites list but not in other browsers’ favorites or bookmarks lists.

Favorites Within Internet Explorer

Click the star icon and select the “Favorites” tab in Internet Explorer to view your favorites. Your Favorites folder’s contents are reflected in the list. Press “Control-D” or click “Add to Favorites” to add the current website to your list. In IE, links saved in the Favorites Bar subdirectory are displayed on a toolbar. To toggle this bar on or off, right-click the empty space next to the address bar and select “Favorites Bar.”

The Links Directory

In Windows, the sidebar shows a Favorites area at the top of the folder tree when you navigate through local folders. This list by default contains typical places like the desktop. This list is kept by Windows in the user account folder’s Links folder. To open it immediately, use “Windows-R” and enter “%userprofile%Links” in the Run box. As shortcuts rather than actual directories, the locations indicated in the Links folder can be deleted or changed without having an impact on your actual contents.

Favorite Folders and Files Can Be Added

  1. Right-click the “Favorites” header
  2. Select “Add Current Location to Favorites” to add the currently open folder to the list of favorites.
  3. Right-click a folder in the Favorites list and select “Remove” to remove it.

Items in the list can be moved around by dragging. Individual files can also be added to the Favorites list. Open the Links folder and the file’s folder in a separate window. Drag the file into the Links folder using the right mouse button, then select “Create Shortcuts Here.” You can later delete files from your Favorites without losing the original files, just like you can with folders.

Version Alert

The information in this article applies to Internet Explorer 11 as well as Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. With various versions or products, it could differ somewhat or dramatically.