What Is an Alphanumeric Keypad

What Is an Alphanumeric Keypad
What Is an Alphanumeric Keypad

A keypad with both letters and numbers on the same keys is called an alphanumeric keypad. Most of the time, they are on phones and cell phones. They can also be found on laptops, ATMs, and any other device that needs both numbers and letters. On phones, the number “1” usually doesn’t have any letters on it, and each of the other keys has only three letters in alphabetical order.

What is alphanumeric keypad in keyboard?

Introduction. In the world of computers, alphanumeric keys are just keys on your keyboard that have letters, numbers, and other symbols on them. All the letters from A to Z and all the numbers from 0 to 9 are on these keys.

What is alphanumeric keys example?

Something that is alphanumeric is made up of both letters and numbers. A good example of an alphanumeric password is one that needs both letters and numbers. An alphanumeric keyboard is something like the keyboard on a computer.

How do you use alphanumeric keypad?

The methods involve pressing one of the first keys on the keypad, displaying a set of secondary alphanumeric symbols that correspond to the secondary keys, and pressing one of the second keys to choose either the primary alphanumeric symbol that corresponds to the first key or one of the secondary alphanumeric symbols. Any character string can be entered by choosing the right combination of the first and second keys and pressing them.

What is the difference between alphanumeric and numeric?

As adjectives, the difference between alphanumeric and numeric is that alphanumeric is made up of letters and/or numbers, especially the letters and numbers from a to z (lowercase and uppercase), while numeric is made up of or related to numbers, especially the letters and numbers from 0 to 9.


The alphanumeric keypads on phones and cell phones are almost the same. The only difference is that most phones don’t have a “Q” or “Z,” but cell phones need an alphanumeric keypad for texting, so these letters have been added back to the keypad. On cell phones, there is often a “space” key and another number that is used for punctuation or capitalization.


In order to save space, most laptops don’t have the number pad that is usually on a regular keyboard. Some manufacturers have put it in the letter section of the keyboard, but you have to press an extra key (called a “function” key) to use it as a number pad. Most of the time, the keys have numbers written above them in a different color.


ATMs, which you can find in banks and some other places of business, have an alphanumeric keyboard so that you can enter your PIN (PIN). Some people link a word to their PIN based on the letters that match the numbers in their PIN. This makes it easier to remember than just numbers.

Some other tools

The alphanumeric keypad has become very common and is usually found wherever numeric keypads are used, like at gas pumps, debit card readers, mp3 players, jukeboxes, etc. Most of the time, each key has a clear label with the letter on it, and the letters start with either 1 or 2.