How to Check the Minute Balance on a TracFone

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How to Make a PDF Catalog

How to Make a PDF Catalog – The United States Post Office says that in 2012, it handled 79.5 billion pieces of advertising. Most of these were catalogs. If you want to mail out a catalog, you have to get the files to a commercial printer. Because the PDF format is an open standard, it … Read more

How to Change the Resolution of a PDF

Many PDFs that are designed to be viewed on the web have a very low resolution, but if you want to print them, you’ll need a higher resolution. If you want to change the resolution of your PDF, you must first make changes to the program you used to make the PDF and then convert … Read more

How to Sort a Pivot Table

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How to Making an Excel Spreadsheet

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How to Create a Legend for a Spreadsheet

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How Do I Make an Ogive in Excel?

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How to Add Collapsing Plus Signs in Excel Columns

When working with a significant amount of data in Microsoft Excel, you may have feelings of being overwhelmed. You can temporarily hide subsections by collapsing a section, which allows you to have a better look at the row that is either above or below them. To make rows in Excel collapseable, you need only pick … Read more

How to Refresh USB Ports

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How to Add a Snipping Tool to the Tool Bar

How to Add a Snipping Tool to the Tool Bar – Windows Snipping Tool is like “Print Screen” in that it takes a picture of what’s on your computer screen. But the user can only copy a small part of the screen with the Snipping Tool, while the PrintScreen button copies the whole screen. You … Read more

How to Remove or Add a Site to the Toolbar

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How to Convert a Photoshop Image to a Wireframe

How to Convert a Photoshop Image to a Wireframe – Although a 2-D Photoshop image can’t be transformed into a genuine 3-D wireframe, you can use filters to get a similar effect. Filters take less time than using the Pen tool to draw the lines by hand. The lines and complexity of the initial Photoshop … Read more

How to Make a Cylinder in Illustrator?

How to Make a Cylinder in Illustrator – Two tools are available in Adobe Illustrator CC to create three-dimensional objects like cylinders. A circle is extended into a shaded cylinder using the Extrude & Bevel feature. The cylinder form is completed by rotating a rectangle shape 360 degrees using the Revolve function. Bevel and extrude … Read more