My Office Word Will Not Let Me Type

My Office Word Will Not Let Me Type
My Office Word Will Not Let Me Type

There could be a number of causes for this if after opening your Microsoft Word document and starting to type, letters did not display on the page. Fix the strange missing letters by following a few simple actions that will not only solve the issue but also make you more comfortable with your Microsoft Word toolbars and the features they offer. Remember that you might not be able to solve the problem of not being able to type.

Putting Your Computer Back On

Restarting your computer can occasionally restore appropriate application operation. The older they get and if they are left on for extended periods of time, computers have a tendency to perform slowly and lock up. Additionally, restarting your computer frequently aids in clearing your Internet cache, which may be to blame for your computer locking up or performing slowly.

the start of Microsoft Word

Get Microsoft Word going. Select “Open” from the “Office” drop-down menu on your toolbar. Find your document by scrolling through the list of files, then double-click it.

Troubleshooting Word Issues

Your cursor should click on the page. Does it flash? Have you got a cursor? An unassuming black vertical bar ought to be visible. Repeatedly hit “Enter.” Try typing. Do you see letters on your screen? If not, verify that your font hasn’t been converted to white. To highlight all of the text, use the “Ctrl” and “A” keyboard shortcut. The font color button, which is marked “A” and has a colored bar below it, can be chosen by clicking the “Home” tab. Choose the color swatch for black.

examining the Num Lock

Number Lick may have been accidentally turned on if text is not showing up on your screen. Find your “Num Lock” key, which is frequently the same button as “F11” on your keyboard, to verify this. After pressing the key, try typing. Your screen should display some text.