Logitech Keyboard Not Working, How to Reset ?

Logitech Keyboard Not Working
Logitech Keyboard Not Working

You’re trying to type something on your Logitech keyboard, but all of a sudden it won’t work. Don’t worry, this is a common problem that has more than one solution. What’s wrong with your Logitech wireless keyboard will determine how you fix it.

Logitech Keyboard Won’t Work: Battery

If your Logitech keyboard stopped working, it could be because of a problem with the batteries. Logitech wireless keyboards are supposed to have a pretty long battery life, but this can vary a lot depending on the type of batteries you use and how often you use the keyboard. One of the most common reasons why a Logitech keyboard stops working all of a sudden is that the batteries are running low. This problem can be fixed by turning off the keyboard, turning it over, and taking out the battery compartment. Change the batteries inside the keyboard and then turn it back on. Your Logitech keyboard should start to work. If you find that the batteries in your keyboard run out quickly, you might want to use better alkaline batteries, which tend to last longer.

Check USB Ports

For it to work, the Logitech wireless keyboard needs a USB receiver. If there is a problem with the USB port, this receiver will no longer work, and your Logitech keyboard will not work either. The receiver can usually be fixed by unplugging it and plugging it into a different USB port. If your keyboard now works, you know that the port you were using before doesn’t work. If the keyboard still doesn’t work, try plugging something else into one of these USB ports. If the device works, you know that it’s not the USB port’s fault.

Problems with the recipient

Either a standard USB receiver or a Unifying receiver comes with your Logitech wireless keyboard. Your Logitech keyboard could stop working if the receiver stops working. If you look closely at the receiver, you can tell the difference between the two types. If it has a black star inside of an orange box, it is a Unifying receiver. If this logo is not on your receiver, you have a standard receiver. Most standard receivers can’t be replaced, so if yours stopped working, you’ll probably need to buy a new wireless keyboard with a new receiver.

Unifying receivers can be changed out and reprogrammed to work with any Unifying mouse or keyboard. You can get a replacement receiver from Logitech or from online stores that sell electronics. Download the Unifying software from Logitech’s website and then run it to re-program your device. Follow the on-screen instructions from Logitech to get the receiver to work with your keyboard.

Check Driver Issues

A bad driver can also make your Logitech wireless keyboard not work right. You can fix this by putting the driver back in place.

  1. Click “Start” and then “Control Panel.”
  2. Click “Device Manager.”
  3. Click the “Driver” tab, then double-click the keyboard device.
  4. Click “Update Driver” to get the latest driver for your keyboard.

Windows will look for the best version of your driver and install it. If none are found, you can go to Logitech Support to get the driver for your wireless keyboard and install it. After installing, restart the computer, and your wireless keyboard should be all set up and working again.