How to Take a Screenshot on Microsoft Word

How to Take a Screenshot on Microsoft Word
How to Take a Screenshot on Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word processing program for Windows computers that lets you make different kinds of documents and add pictures and spreadsheets to them. You can also take a picture of the program’s screen and use it in another Word document. A screenshot shows everything that is currently on the screen, such as the Word toolbar and any parts of the document that are visible. Screenshots can also be changed right in Word and in programs for working with graphics.

Step 1

If the program isn’t already open, click the Microsoft Word icon on your computer’s “Desktop” or click “Start,” “All Programs,” and then “Microsoft Word” to open it.

Step 2

Click the Microsoft Office button in the top left corner of the screen, then click “Open” to open the Microsoft Word document you want to take a screenshot of. Double-click the file name to open the document.

Step 3

Press and hold the “ALT” key on your computer’s keyboard, then press the “PrintScrn” or “PRTSC” key. On your keyboard, the “PrintScrn” or “PRTSC” key is on the right. Put the “ALT” key down. Your system’s Clipboard now has a picture of the active Word window.

Step 4

To open the Microsoft Word document you want to paste the screenshot into, click the Microsoft Office button and then “Open.” If you double-click the file’s name, the file will open.

Step 5

Go to the page or place in the document where you want the screenshot to go. Click “Insert,” “Illustrations,” and then “Screenshot.” Click on the image of the screenshot to add it to your Word file without changing it. Then, skip Steps 6 and 7. Go to Steps 6 and 7 to change the screenshot before you insert it.

Step 6

Click “Screen Clipping” to cut off toolbars and other parts of the screenshot that you don’t want. The pointer on your mouse will change into a cross. Press and hold the left mouse button to choose the part of the screen shot you want to keep.

Step 7

To accept the screenshot, let go of the mouse button. Click the screenshot a second time to add it to your Word file.