How to Switch a Word Document to Paint

How to Switch a Word Document to Paint
How to Switch a Word Document to Paint

You might wish to add text to a piece of art or even just a plain image you made using Microsoft Paint because a well-written paragraph can conjure imagery and convey feelings equally as well, if not better, than a painting. You can mix artistic eloquence with a digital painting to produce art for the eye as well as the mind by transferring the text from a Word document into Paint.

Step 1

To open a Word document, double-click on it.

Step 2

From the Windows desktop, select “Start” and type “Paint” into the search field. Microsoft Paint can be opened by selecting it from the list of results.

Step 3

Set up the Paint document before pasting the text because you will need to format it once you paste it. Any more colors, shapes, or images can be added and arranged however you desire.

Step 4

To select the Word document, use “Tab” while holding “Alt.” If you have more than simply Paint and Word open on your computer, you might need to press “Tab” more than once.

Step 5

Use your cursor to highlight all of the text that you wish to copy and paste into the Paint document. Selecting “Select All” from the “Edit” menu will highlight the whole document. For the text to be copied to your clipboard, hold “Ctrl” while clicking “C.”

Step 6

To choose Paint once more, hold “Alt” while pressing “Tab.” To enter text insertion mode, click the “A” from the Tools section of the Home tab. To add a text box, click the document where you want to add content. In order to paste your text into the box, hold “Ctrl” and press “V.”

Step 7

To hold the text and move it around, click the resulting text box. When you clicked the “A,” the Text tab opened. Use the Font tools to highlight the copied text. The font style, size, color, and properties are all editable.