How To Set The Time On A G-Shock Watch

HOW TO set the date and time on a GShock watch Sumber:

G-Shock watches are known for their durability and style. They have a wide range of features and functions, but one of the most important is setting the time. Understanding how to adjust the time and other settings on your G-Shock watch is essential to ensure it works properly and accurately. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set the time on a G-Shock watch.

Step 1: Open the Case G-Shock watches

The first step to setting the time on a G-Shock watch is to open the case. G-Shock watches typically have a screw-down case back that must be unscrewed in order to access the watch’s internal components. Use a coin or small screwdriver to gently unscrew the case back, being careful not to strip the screws.

Step 2: Set the Time

Once the case is opened, you’ll be able to access the watch’s internal components, including the battery and the time-setting mechanism. Locate the time-setting mechanism and use a small screwdriver to adjust the hour and minute hands to the correct time. Be sure to check the date as well and make any necessary adjustments.

Step 3: Replace the Case Back

Once the time is set, replace the case back. Be sure to firmly secure the screws and ensure the case back is closed properly. If the case back is not properly secured, it could cause water to leak into the watch, which could damage the internal components.

Step 4: Activate the Alarm

G-Shock watches typically come with an alarm feature that can be used to alert you of important events. To activate the alarm, press the Alarm/Mode button until you see the Alarm icon appear on the display. Use the + and – buttons to adjust the alarm time, and press the Alarm/Mode button again to activate the alarm.

Step 5: Adjust the Other Settings

G-Shock watches have a variety of other settings that can be adjusted, including the time format, the backlight duration, and the world time setting. To adjust the other settings, press the Mode/Light button until you see the desired setting appear on the display. Use the + and – buttons to make the desired adjustments.