How to Reset a Logitech Wireless Mouse

How to Reset a Logitech Wireless Mouse
How to Reset a Logitech Wireless Mouse

A Logitech wireless mouse makes it easier to move around on your computer’s desktop screen, but sometimes electronic problems can happen. For example, if your computer doesn’t recognize the mouse for some reason, the mouse probably isn’t broken and just needs to be reset. Your Logitech mouse has a reset button on the bottom, so you don’t need to know anything about technology to reset it. It can be turned off and on again in a few seconds.

Step 1

Flip your mouse over and make sure that the power switch on the bottom of the unit is on. Also, make sure your computer is on.

Step 2

Make sure the mouse receiver is firmly plugged into your computer’s USB port. If it’s loose, just use your fingers to push it in tight.

Step 3

Find the button on the bottom of the mouse that looks like an oval and press it down. Keep your finger on the button for at least four seconds.

Step 4

Let go of the button and test the cursor by moving the mouse around. The mouse should now be set back to normal and work.

Your Logitech mouse has bugs that make it hard for you to use it right. Most short-term problems can be fixed by resetting the connection. So, how do you turn a Logitech mouse back on?

Quick Answer

There is a reset button on most Logitech mouse. If not, you can even manually reset the software or turn off and on the power. Some people even do it the old-fashioned way and take the battery out of the mouse to cut off all power. Putting in a new battery will also do the trick. If the mouse has a USB port, you can re-pair the device to make the connection work again.

How to Reset a Logitech Wireless Mouse

If any part of your Logitech mouse face breaks, like the power source, battery, USB port, or software, it might not work. Here is a step-by-step guide to fixing your Logitech mouse and getting it to work again.

Method 1: Reset your Logitech mouse by pressing the “Reset” button on the bottom.

For some reason, your computer might not see your mouse. All you need is a quick restart.

Follow these steps to reset your Logitech mouse:

  1. Check to see if the mouse is on by flipping it over and looking. Your computer must also be turned on.
  2. Make sure the mouse’s receiver is securely plugged into your computer’s USB port. If it’s loose, you can push it with your fingers.
  3. Hold down the button on the bottom of the mouse that looks like an oval for at least four seconds. This will clear the mouse’s memory.
  4. Test the cursor by moving the mouse around. Let go of the mouse button to do this.
  5. The mouse has been reset and is now working as it should.

Method #2: Remove the battery to reset.

If your mouse doesn’t have a button to reset it, this method will work. Please take the battery out of your mouse to turn it off for good. You can even put in a new battery instead of putting the old one back in. After putting a new battery back in the mouse, try it again.

Method 3: Change the USB port to reset.

The problem isn’t always with the mouse, but with the USB port itself. When this happens, the mouse won’t work right. So, if the port is broken, you might want to change it and plug the mouse into a different USB port. This should solve the problem, we hope. You could also try to disconnect your mouse. Then pair again to reset the connection. This makes the connection work again and clears it.

Method 4: Reset by removing all software and resetting the whole system

When nothing else works, it is sometimes better to start from scratch. In this case, you should get rid of all the Mouse software and start over. Next, do a fresh install to set the whole system back to its original state. The mouse will work normally again after a fresh start.


One day, your Logitech mouse might start to act up. And if that happens, it’s very important to reset it. At first, you can reset the mouse by pressing the reset button or taking it away from the power source or computer. The problem could also be with the USB port where the mouse is plugged in. So try switching ports to see if the problem goes away. After that, try putting the software back on. Also, clean out the whole system. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace the mouse because of a problem with the hardware.