How to Remove Outline in MS Word

How to Remove Outline in MS Word
How to Remove Outline in MS Word

Each paragraph in a Microsoft Word document that is in outline mode appears next to bullets. By dragging and dropping a paragraph to a different portion of the page, you can organize a document using outline view. It is simple to get rid of the Outline view.

Step 1

Open the Word file from which you want to eliminate the outline view.

Step 2

To alter the view format for your document, select “View” from the Word menu at the top of the page.

Step 3

Any document view format other than Outline view can be selected by pointing your mouse to the “Document Views” portion of the menu. Among the document view formats are Draft, Print Layout, Full Screen Reading, and Web Layout. Outline view gets eliminated from your document if you choose a different document view.

Step 4

Another way to remove Outline view from your Word document is to select the “Outlining” option from the menu at the top of the page. The tab is found on the Word ribbon next to the “Home” tab. When the outline view is closed, your document will appear in the standard view format and you can modify it. To dismiss the outline view, click the red “X” next to the phrase “Close Outline View.”