How to Remove and Replacing Laptop Keys

How to Remove and Replacing Laptop Keys
How to Remove and Replacing Laptop Keys

A laptop is not as easily modified or upgraded as a desktop PC or its peripherals. Replacement and upgrading of laptop internal hardware is more difficult. However, due to their widespread use in daily life, laptop keys are prone to collecting grime and food particles. Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to disassemble a laptop keyboard, in case you need to replace a key that’s become dusty or damaged.

You can take out your laptop’s keys, but you shouldn’t do it too often or the keys might stop working. But if something gets spilled on the laptop, you will need to take out some or all of the keys to clean under them. Follow the steps below to safely take off and put back on your laptop’s keys.

What you need to remove laptop keys

You can buy tools to take off keyboard keys, but a flat head screwdriver will do the job just as well. You only need compressed air, rubbing alcohol, and cotton swabs to clean your laptop’s keys.

How to take the keys off a laptop

Make sure your computer is turned off before you start taking keys off the keyboard.

  1. Put the screwdriver’s flat head under the keycap you want to take off. Most of the time, this works best when it’s near the top or top right of the keycap.
  2. Place the screwdriver near the middle of larger keys like the Enter key or the spacebar before lifting. This will make it much easier to take off the longer keys.
  3. Once the screwdriver is in place, lift the key gently and pry it off.
  4. This shouldn’t take much force, so be careful when you take a key out.
  5. Once the keycap is off, use a can of compressed air to blow out any dirt, hair, or grime from underneath the keyboard.
  6. Use a cotton swab that has been lightly dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean the keycap.
  7. Wait until the key is completely dry to put it back on the keyboard.
  8. When you’re done cleaning, put the key cap back on with a gentle push.

That’s how easy it is to take out a laptop key. Since laptop keyboards are harder to work on than desktop keyboards, be careful when you take the keys off your laptop to clean them.

How to Replacing the keycap

  1. With the key out of the way, look closely at the metal hooks where the key used to be.
  2. Place the new or old plastic hinge so that the holes line up with the metal hooks.
  3. Put the smaller piece of plastic, which is usually called a cup, in the middle of the retainer.
  4. Put the keycap back on and press evenly on each side.