How to Remove a Draft Document From Word

How to Remove Draft Document From ms Word
How to Remove Draft Document From ms Word

What is a draft document in word ?. A draft document is one that hasn’t been finished yet. Documents that are drafts are marked with watermarks in Microsoft Word. A text or an image can be used as the watermark. Watermarks show up in the background of a page and can be seen in Web, Print, and Reading Layout views. When you add a draft watermark, it goes on each page of your document and is printed along with it. You can’t get to the watermark on your page directly to remove it or change it.

Remove a Draft Document in Word 2007

  1. Step 1: Open the file that has the draft watermark on it.
  2. Step 2: On the ribbon, click the “Page Layout” tab.
  3. Step 3: Select “Watermark” from the group called “Page Background.” Then, from the drop-down menu, choose “Remove Watermark.”

Remove a Draft Document in Word 2003

  1. Step 1: From the toolbar, choose “Format,” “Background,” and “Printed Watermark.”
  2. Step 2: In the “Printed Watermark” box, choose “No Watermark.”
  3. Step 3: To get rid of the draft, click “OK.”

How do you delete a draft?

  1. Choose Design, then Watermark. (Click Page Layout > Watermark in Word 2010 or 2007.)
  2. Choose Get Rid of Watermark.

If Remove Watermark doesn’t let you get rid of a watermark, try this:

  1. Click the header area to get rid of a watermark.
  2. To get to the header area, double-click near the top of the page.
  3. Place your cursor over the watermark until a four-way arrow appears.
  4. Choose the watermark to use.
  5. Press your keyboard’s Delete key.
  6. Repeat as many times as needed to get rid of all the marks.