How to Make Periods Bigger on Word Document

How to Make Periods Bigger on Word Document
How to Make Periods Bigger on Word Document

In Microsoft Word, you usually have to select the content you want to change and then choose the new setting. But there is a faster way to make periods bigger in a Microsoft Word document that already exists. Punctuation marks are an important part of your Microsoft Word document because they help people read your information the way you meant them to.

But if the periods you’ve used look too small, either on the screen or when you print the document, you may want to find a way to make them bigger. There are many reasons why you might want to change the size of a period, question mark, or exclamation point in a Word document. Changing the size of a period, question mark, or exclamation point can help you make periods easier to see on a printed page, reach a certain number of pages, or add some style.

There are different ways to make periods bigger or change the size of punctuation marks without making the text of your document bigger. Some of these ways take more time than others, though. But students should know the following: Even though it might make a Word document longer if you make the periods bigger, many teachers know about this “trick” and will notice.

Make periods bigger by hand

In a Word document, the easiest way to make periods bigger is to increase their size by hand. This can be done in any version of Word or any other word processing program (OpenOffice, Google Docs, e.t.c.).

  1. Click and drag to choose the period or other punctuation mark.
  2. Use the menu above your active document to make the font size bigger.

Even though this is the easiest choice, it might not work for some tasks. If you need to change more than a few punctuation marks this way, it can take a long time, even if you copy and paste the larger mark over normal-sized marks later in the document. Because of this, this method works best when used for looks.

Find and Replace: Options for Power Users

When you need to change the size of all the punctuation marks in a document, it’s much faster to use Word’s “Find and Replace” tool than to make all the periods bigger one at a time. However, you will have to go through a few menus to do this.

  1. Choose “Replace” from the menu above your active Word document (or, in older versions of Word, choose “Edit” at the top of the program window and then “Find and Replace”), or press the “Ctrl” and “H” keys together.
  2. This will bring up the menu for “Find and Replace.”
  3. From this menu, type a period or another punctuation mark into both the “Find what” and “Replace with” text boxes.
  4. Click on “More” at the bottom of the window,
  5. Then click on “Format.”
  6. You can change the font, size, and style of the new punctuation marks by choosing “Font” from the menu that appears.
  7. After making the choices you want, click “OK” and then choose “Replace all” in the “Find and Replace” window.

All of the punctuation marks in your document will now be the size that you chose.

Permanent Period Changes?

Microsoft Word and most other modern word processors give you a lot of ways to change how the program works. In any document, the user can change the font, change the size of the text, and change the margins and page layout to suit their needs. But there’s a problem if you want to make the periods in your Word document bigger for good: Word doesn’t have a way to change the size of punctuation marks and only punctuation marks. You can use the “Style” menu to change the default font, font size, paragraph indents, and other aspects of a document. However, if you just want to make periods bigger, you’ll have to find a custom font with bigger periods and import it. This may make some tasks harder, depending on the text styling needs.

How to Change the Size of the Period in Word

  1. Open up the file.
  2. Tap the “Home” tab.
  3. Click Change.
  4. Put a period in the Find what and Replace with fields, and then click More.
  5. Select Font after clicking Format.
  6. Select the size of the font and click OK.
  7. Click the All button.

When you change the font size in this way, each line of text in the document will also get bigger. Word changes the line spacing of a document based on the font size. Even if the font size you chose for the periods is smaller than the font size you chose for the letters, Word will still set the line spacing as if all the text in your document used the font size you chose for the periods.

You can do the same thing with other punctuation marks. If you wanted to make commas or question marks bigger, for example, you would just need to replace the periods in the steps above with the punctuation mark. You can also use this method to make periods in Microsoft Word smaller.