How to Make a Star in Microsoft Word

How to Make a Star in Microsoft Word
How to Make a Star in Microsoft Word

A sizable collection of star images were removed when Microsoft stopped offering the Clip Art capability in Microsoft Word. The star picture can still be added to your Microsoft Word document in a variety of ways, though. One choice is to make use of the star symbol provided by Microsoft with the Wingdings 2 font. Another choice is to take a star image that you have saved on your computer or to copy a star image from the Internet and paste it into your text.


  1. On the Ribbon toolbar, select “Insert.”
  2. To access the Symbol dialog box, click the drop-down arrow next to “Symbols” on the toolbar’s far right side, then choose “More Symbols.”
  3. “Symbols” tab should be selected.
  4. Choose “Wingdings 2” by clicking the drop-down arrow to the right of Font.
  5. To view these symbols, type “243,” “244”, or “249” in the Character Code field, then hit “Enter.”
  6. To add the desired star symbol to your Microsoft Word document, choose it and then click “Insert.”

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Online Picture

  1. Go to the website where the star image that you wish to utilize in your Word document is located.
  2. To get a context menu, right-click the star picture.
  3. Within the context menu, select “Copy.”
  4. Go to the spot where you wish to insert the image in your Microsoft Word document by opening it. To add the star picture to your document, right-click there to bring up a context menu, and then select “Paste”.

Image Saved to Computer

  1. Put the cursor where you wish to place the star image into your Microsoft Word document.
  2. Click “Pictures” after selecting “Insert.”
  3. Find the location on your computer where the star’s image is stored.
  4. You may put the star picture into your document by selecting it, clicking “Insert,” and then “Link to Document.”