How to Insert the Pi Symbol in Ms Word

How to Insert the Pi Symbol in Ms Word
How to Insert the Pi Symbol in Ms Word

Math frequently uses the symbol pi (). Because of its close relationship to circles, it can be found in almost all equations involving the area or volume of spheres and circles as well as in radian-based measurements of angles. Knowing how to insert the pi sign in Word will come in handy if you’re using the Office suite to write some arithmetic. Thankfully, this can be done quickly and easily by utilizing the Symbols or Equation dialogues or alternative codes.

The Symbols Dialogue in Use

Using Word’s “Symbol” area on the top ribbon, you can add the symbol for pi to a document. Go to the “Insert” section and locate the “Symbols” group on the far right. You can complete your work using either the “Equation” or “Symbol” section, but unless you’re writing out an entire equation, the “Symbol” option is preferable.

At the bottom of the drop-down menu, under “More Symbols,” click “Symbol” after selecting “Symbol.” Select “Greek and Coptic” from the “Subset” drop-down menu to see every symbol in Word’s database shown in the window that appears. From this point, visually look for “,” or “” in capital letters if necessary. To insert the symbol into your document at the cursor position, highlight it, and then click “Insert.”

The “Equation” option is a little different because the symbol is entered into your document’s equation field rather than as plain text. Enter “Equation” or hit “Alt” and “=” simultaneously. Click the “More” arrow and the “Basic Math” heading at the top of the “Symbols” group on the ribbon. To add it, select “Greek Letters” and then click either the capital or lowercase “pi.”

Pi Alternative Code

An alt code is the closest thing to a pi keyboard shortcut that is available. To use this method, your keyboard must have a number pad. turn on the num lock. Next, while keeping “Alt” depressed on your keyboard, type the number 227 and then let go of “Alt” to create the symbol. Use the code 928 in the same manner for capital pi.

Although using this alt code strategy is more challenging than using the prior approach, you may still use it in other programs, such as web browsers. You may use the same method using the “Symbols” dialogue in Excel or any other Office product to enter a pi symbol.

Pasting and Copies

Copying and pasting the pi sign from text into Word is the simplest way to do it. Here are pi and pi in uppercase letters. To copy the selected text, simply right-click it and select “Copy” from the menu that appears (or simply press “Ctrl” and “C” simultaneously). Place the pi symbol where you want it by selecting “Paste” with the right click or by pressing “Ctrl” + “V.”

The drawback of this strategy is that you will need to locate the character again if you need to write in the future. The two methods used previously are significantly simpler to replicate.