How to Get a SIM for a Tracfone

How to Get a SIM for a Tracfone
How to Get a SIM for a Tracfone

TracFone is the largest prepaid wireless service provider in the U.S. It offers different convenient wireless services that are made to meet the needs of its users. Taxes and contract commitments are included in their Pay-As-You-Go, Monthly, and Annual plans, and there are no hidden fees. TracFone phones use Subscriber Identity Module cards, just like other GSM phones. Customers can get a new SIM card from the company’s customer service department if they lose or damage their old one.

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Step 1

Dial (800) 867-7183 to reach TracFone’s customer service.

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Step 2

Listen to the automated voice menu and do what it says until you get an option to talk to a real person. Put that number in.

Step 3

Ask for a new SIM card and give all the information you need, like the serial number of your TracFone phone and your phone number. The SIM card will be sent to you through Express Mail.