How to Fix Volume on Laptop

How to Fix Volume on Laptop
How to Fix Volume on Laptop

The volume controls on your laptop could not be properly configured if you are not hearing anything through the built-in speakers or any headphones or speakers you have connected. From no sound to too little sound, problems can be resolved by adjusting the volume settings. If the volume is excessively loud, it can also be used to turn it down.

How to Fix Volume on Windows Laptop

  1. Find the laptop’s volume control icon. Along with other icons, the control can be found in the lower right corner of the screen. A tiny speaker icon appears. To make the speaker symbol visible, you might need to click a tiny arrow to the left of the icons.
  2. Click “Open Volume Control” from the context menu of the speaker icon (the wording may vary slightly). Make sure the “Mute All” checkbox is not selected. Make sure none of the other “Mute” selections are selected.
  3. Keep your mouse cursor pressed on the “Master Volume” volume slider controls. To boost the overall volume, move the mouse cursor upward and drag the slider up.
  4. Scout the top of the laptop for any audio control buttons. These extra controls are available on some laptops running Windows. To bring up the on-screen display that shows whether the volume is muted or what level it is set at, press any one with a speaker icon.

How to Fix Volume on Mac

  1. The speaker volume icon can be found in the top right corner of the screen. To reveal a vertical slider bar, simply click it once.
  2. To adjust the main volume, move the slider up or down while holding the mouse cursor over it and pushing the mouse button or trackpad.
  3. On the Mac’s keyboard, press the “Mute” volume key, which is situated in the upper left corner. The “Mute” key has a speaker icon, while the volume up and down keys have speakers with thin curved lines in front of them as their icon. There is a group of keys specifically for volume control. It will be clear via an on-screen display if the volume is muted or not.


Why is my volume not working?

It’s possible that you have the app’s sound muted or tuned down low. Media volume should be checked. Check to see if the media volume isn’t off or turned down if you still can’t hear anything: Access Settings.

Why can’t I hear anything on my laptop Windows 10?

Reinstalling your audio driver is recommended. Try removing and reinstalling your Windows 10 audio driver if updating it doesn’t work. Return to the Device Manager and locate your sound card there. Then, right-click it and choose Uninstall. At the following system restart, Windows installs the driver once more.

Why is my laptop audio not working?

There are various causes for why the audio on your laptop might not be working: You could mute the sound. It’s possible that the internal speakers are broken. The improper audio device could be receiving sound from Windows.

How do I restart Windows audio?

In the blank box that appears after pressing Win + R, type services.msc and press Enter. In the Service window, look for Windows Audio Services. Restart by selecting the Windows Audio Service option from the context menu.