How to Create a Chart in WordPad

How to Create a Chart in WordPad
How to Create a Chart in WordPad

WordPad has limitations when it comes to the creation of elaborate charts and tables, but it can be handy for simple computational procedures. A chart can be made in WordPad, but it won’t have any borders, rows, or columns. Nevertheless, you can still use simple computational abilities to arrange data into a chart format.

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Step 1

You can start a new WordPad document by selecting “Start,” “All Programs,” “Accessories,” and “WordPad” from the menu that appears.

Step 2

To advance the cursor further down the document, press “Enter” twice.

Step 3

Enter the first chart heading here. Sort information on a chart of clients according to the person’s name, postal address, email address, and phone number. Without using quotation marks, type “NAME” and hit “Tab” twice. Press “Tab” twice while typing “PHYSICAL ADDRESS.” Once you’ve inserted each heading, repeat the process.

Step 4

Enter the word twice. Now fill in the client’s details under each heading. Try typing “Mary Smith” and pressing the tab key twice. Tab twice while typing “1234 Main Street, Any City, Any State, ZIP.” Continue doing this until you have input all the necessary data.