How to Convert Keystrokes Per Hour to WPM

How to Convert Keystrokes Per Hour to WPM
How to Convert Keystrokes Per Hour to WPM

Users get access to data regarding the number of characters typed, characters per minute, and minutes spent typing, as well as the ability to count their keystrokes each hour using online tools. Follow your daily progress and view hourly character counts per minute and your top typing speed.

A typing test is what?

A typing test is a test that evaluates the accuracy and speed of typing. Most typing tests consider these three factors:

  1. WPM, or words-per-minute, is a measure of how many words are typed per minute.
  2. the quantity of typographical errors in the text, and
  3. The adjusted words per minute, which accounts for any typing errors, using a keystroke counter to assess your typing speed

The sort of text imputed while typing varies between typing tests; some include a regular text passage that typically contains a few numbers or a few simple symbols, like quotation marks and question marks.

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Some typing exams include reference to transcripts and evaluate the ability to accurately record spoken words on paper. These audio transcriptions are intended to evaluate both the text’s correctness and listeners’ comprehension of spoken language. Another test type examines data entry in very accurate fields. In most cases, the prompt and correct input of numerical or text-based data, such as addresses, names, company names, and Social Security numbers, is required.

How to Calculate Keystrokes ?

There are several techniques to gauge how quickly you type, including keystrokes per hour (KPH) and words per minute (WPM). When you recorded your speed in KPH and need to know your speed in WPM, this can be a pain. It may be confusing to determine how many words your KPH rate reflects because different words have varying quantities of letters.

Thankfully, the WPM statistic doesn’t take the number of words typed into account. Instead, it believes that each word is represented by five characters. As a result, KPH can be converted to WPM using straightforward math.

  1. Step 1: Calculate your KPH typing rate. You can do this by hand, with a typing program, or by taking an online typing test.
  2. Step 2 is to double your KPH by 60. Since an hour is made up of 60 minutes, the outcome is your keystrokes per minute.
  3. Step 3: To determine your WPM, multiply your keystrokes per minute by 5. The WPM scale is based on words with five letters. Therefore, one “word” is equal to five keystrokes. Your WPM is 80 if, for instance, your total number of keystrokes per minute is 400.

How to convert WPM and CPM to keystrokes per hour ?

The formula is as follows: keystrokes per hour/60 = kpm for converting keystrokes per hour to WPM and CPM (keystrokes per minute).

Follow these steps to compute the WPM: keystrokes per minute/5=WPM. The typical CPM is 15,000 keystrokes per hour, or 60 words per minute. Users have access to different statistics, like average CPM, by using an online typing application. However, the way the data is presented is more significant.

How to identify emotional states with keystroke dynamics ?

With the help of data science and AI advancements, it is now possible to anticipate a person’s mood accurately based on their typing habits.

What is average keystrokes per minute ?

How quickly does the average person type? The typical typing rate is 40 words per minute (wpm). Aim for a typing speed of 65 to 70 words per minute if you want to be really productive. With the appropriate approach, it’s simple!

Calculate Using CPM Calculator ?

You can use the CPM Calculator or the WPM Calculator to determine your typing speed. You can use websites like,,,, or any online typing program of your choice and follow the instructions below. The online typing program calculates typing speed by displaying a paragraph on your screen for you to type, and then it gives you an accurate result by tracking how long it took you to type the text.

  1. The CPM Calculator estimates your keystrokes per hour, and using an online typing application is the most accurate way to do it. A few tools are listed later in this blog.
  2. Divide your result (KPH) by 60 to get keystrokes per hour from the CPM calculator. You have now determined the keystrokes per minute.
  3. To determine your words per minute, multiply your keystrokes per minute by 5. (WPM).

How fast is KPH in WPM?

Let’s do the math: if your typing test score was 9500 KPH, divide that number by 60 to get 158.33 keystrokes per minute. The result is 31WPM when you divide 158.33 by 5.