How to Convert a Word Document to WordPerfect Format

How to Convert a Word Document to WordPerfect Format
How to Convert a Word Document to WordPerfect Format

WordPerfect Office is the only office suite for Windows that is not just a copy of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office is used by most people, or at least most people who use office apps. Even though Microsoft’s apps are mature and powerful, they may not be the best ones for you.

There are a lot of suites that are basically Office clones, but only two major suites work differently: Corel WordPerfect Office, which only works on Windows, and Apple’s iWork apps, which only work on Apple hardware or in limited versions in a browser. Apple’s apps are sleek and up-to-date, but WordPerfect’s look and feel are so old-fashioned that it won’t get many new users. The WordPerfect Office suite is different from others because its word processor, WordPerfect, is the only office app that gives you full control over every aspect of the documents you make. Quattro Pro, a spreadsheet app, and Presentations are the other two apps in the suite.

Word processing software like Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect are two of the most popular ones. Even though these two software programs work well on their own, there will be times when a file will need to be opened and changed in both of them. Converting a Microsoft Word document to WordPerfect format is a simple and straightforward process that can be done in just a few quick and easy steps.

Step 1

Save the Word document as a file type that WordPerfect can read. Go to “File” and click “Save as” to do this. When the “Save as” box comes up, find the “File Type” drop-down menu and choose a file type that WordPerfect can read. Depending on the version of Microsoft Word you have, you may have a WordPerfect file type (.wpd). If not, choose text file (.txt) or rich text format (.rtf) and click “Save.”

Step 2

WordPerfect can be used to open this type of file. If the file was saved correctly in Step 1 as a WordPerfect (.wpd), text (.txt), or rich text format (.rft) file, WordPerfect should automatically open it without any problems. If the file is still in Word format (.doc), you may need to click on the drop-down menu at the bottom of the dialogue box and choose “All files” for the file to be able to be opened.

Step 3

Go to “File,” then “Save as,” and save the document again as a WordPerfect (.wpd) file. This should be the default option, but if the “File Type” drop-down menu box doesn’t say this when the “Save as” dialogue box first appears, just click it and choose the WordPerfect (.wpd) file type. This will change the format of the file to WordPerfect.

What is the price of Corel WordPerfect Office?

Corel WordPerfect Office comes in more than one version, just like Microsoft Office and SoftMaker’s office suites. With the different versions, you do get what you pay for. Most people should get Corel WordPerfect Office Standard ($249.99), unless they need to access Paradox databases that were made many years ago, in which case they should get the Professional ($399.99) version. Keep in mind that all Corel WordPerfect Office suites are only for Windows and that the latest version is 2021.

The standard office apps are included in the $99.99 Home & Student version. These are the WordPerfect word processor, the Quattro Pro spreadsheet app, the Presentations app, and a simple app called WordPerfect Lightning for taking notes and viewing files. The suite comes with the Oxford Concise Dictionary and Corel’s AfterShot 3 software for editing photos.

If you pay $249.99 for the Standard edition, you get the same software but with extra features like PDF import, routing-slip and document-reviewing features, and legal features like pleading templates and a table-of-authority builder.

The $399.99 Professional version has PDF form creation, more flexible ePub export, the Paradox database manager, Corel’s MultiCam screen and video capture software, and a software developer’s kit for automating the suite.

WordPerfect Office costs $159.99 to upgrade from an older version. If your current version says Academic, Home & Student, OEM, or Not for Resale, you can’t get an upgrade.