How to Adjust Speaker Volume Using Keyboard

How to Adjust Speaker Volume Using Keyboard
How to Adjust Speaker Volume Using Keyboard

As you watch a video on your computer, your speakers suddenly start to play loud music. The good news is that you can change the volume without a remote control.

Keyboard with Volume Control

Using the volume buttons on your keyboard or the volume up and down keyboard shortcuts, you may simply adjust the volume. The volume control button is located in the same location on both Macs and PCs. On Windows-connected keyboards, the volume control key is located on the top row to the right of the center on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 computers. They are located next to the power button in the upper right corner of the top row on a Mac.

The location of the volume controls can vary if you use a desktop computer. But on all keyboards, they ought to be in the upper row of keys. It could be difficult to find the volume button on a specialist keyboard, such as those made for gaming, but it’s usually indicated by a speaker icon.

A Touch Bar, which is located above the top row of keys on the keyboard, is a feature of some later MacBooks. The volume control on these keyboards is located at the right end of that bar. To increase or decrease the volume, merely tap the button.

Adjust Volume in Notification Center

Alternatively, you can utilize the Action Center or Notification Center in Windows 7 or 10 to find a shortcut key for volume control. Microsoft has included the Notification Center in its Windows operating systems for many years, but for Windows 10, the company gave it a fresh appearance. Windows 10 refers to it as the Action Center, but Windows 7 refers to it as the Notification Center.

Press the Windows key + A in Windows 10 or Windows key + B in Windows 7 to access this center using a volume up and down keyboard shortcut. You can also reach there by selecting the relevant icon on the taskbar’s right side. To use the volume control icon, you must first add it to the Action Center.

For Windows 10, hit Windows + I and select Settings > Sound to add volume control. If there isn’t already an option for volume control, click the up arrow on the taskbar where your notifications are displayed if you’re interested in finding one for Windows 7.

Control Volume on Mac Keyboard

The volume controls on a keyboard are not the only option for Mac users. In the menu bar in the upper right corner of your screen, look for an audio icon. Even though it might not be there by default, you can easily add it. Anytime after it appears, you can change the volume by clicking on it and dragging the slider.

Go to System Preferences, choose Sound > Output, and then check the box next to Show volume in menu bar. This will add the volume control button to your Mac’s menu bar.

Change the audio settings

You may need to check your system’s audio settings to ensure nothing is disabled if you attempt using the volume up and down keyboard shortcut and it still doesn’t work. Under audio options, you can also modify your audio choices. You may access your audio preferences in Windows by going to Settings > System > Sound.

Audio preferences can be found in System Preferences, which can be accessed by clicking the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your screen, for Mac users whose keyboard volume control isn’t working. Select Sound > Output and adjust the volume using the slider. Ensure that the mute button is unchecked as well.