How to Add Sticky Notes in Word

How to Add Sticky Notes in Word
How to Add Sticky Notes in Word

It’s rather easy to add sticky notes to a Word document, and doing so can give your document a striking appearance, make content stand out clearly, and save time retyping. You must take a picture of the sticky and paste it into the document to add it.

How to Make a Sticky Note

Simply start typing “sticky notes” on the Start screen of Windows 8 to create a sticky note, and then select the Sticky Notes icon that appears. When the icon for Sticky Notes shows under Programs in the Search Results column in Windows 7, click it. Click Start, start typing “sticky notes,” and then click the symbol when it appears.

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You can edit the note’s text after it has appeared. To add a second one, click the plus sign in the upper-left corner. To change the sticky’s color, right-click inside the note (not in the title bar) and choose a different color from the drop-down menu. Using the grippy in the sticky’s lower right corner, you may easily resize the note.

Sticky Notes in a Word Document

Go to the sticky note and click anywhere inside it after choosing where you want it to appear in your Word document. Press the “Print Screen” key, which is typically found in the top right corner of the keyboard, while continuing to hold down the “Alt” key. Right-click in the Word document at the desired insertion point and choose Paste from the context menu. At that location in the document, an image of your note will be shown. You must first delete the note from the Word document, make the necessary modifications in the original note, and then repeat the copy-and-paste procedure.