Revealed: skin lightening - THIS is the truth!

I have not used many of them myself, but I have heard of and used many other products that can benefit light skin (such as Tretinoin).

My main goal is to show you the products that are best for light skin. It's not a product guide. You will not find any formulas to treat all skin conditions, and there will not be a "top 10" list. I am more of an individualist. I prefer products that treat specific issues, and have been tested and found to be effective on specific skin conditions. My criteria for rating are: Does it work? If it works, great! I believe that it should work, and not be the problem, not that I can't find a solution! If it does not work, then I'm not convinced, it was just a test run. What else do I need? Does it help other skin conditions? (I have tried several products and it didn't seem to work on these) What about it's efficacy in lightening dark spots? Do you have a question or want to share your experience? Let's talk about it! Please feel free to add questions and comments in the "Contact Me" section. If you are looking for an all natural lightening cream, look no further! I am so happy I can offer you the best products to lighten your skin.

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