How to Change Firewall Settings

A firewall is a security tool that keeps computers from getting into a network. Without a firewall, your computer could get infected with Trojans, malware, spyware, and other viruses. But sometimes it’s helpful to change the settings of the firewall to let certain programs run without being blocked. This is important for anyone who wants … Read more

How to Disable Avast Firewall

Avast Internet Security uses a firewall to keep an eye on incoming and outgoing traffic as a safety precaution against online threats. However, it has the ability to identify false positives for certain programs and block their access to the Internet. You can either turn off the Avast firewall or add the applications as exceptions … Read more

How to Transfer Music From Computer to Android phone Using Usb

Utilizing a USB cable is the quickest method of transferring music from a computer to an Android device. Depending on whether you are using a PC or Mac, this transfer process differs slightly. Connecting your Android device to your PC with a USB cable is the simplest way to transfer music to it. Once the … Read more

How to Get tv Reception Without Cable or an Antenna

If all you need are the standard network TV channels, such as CBS, NBC, ABC, and a FOX affiliate, and you’re not too far from a broadcast mast or obstructed by mountains, you can pick up good quality high definition (HD) signals, which are frequently superior to cable-delivered signals. You will require an antenna, and … Read more

How to Download Photos from Macbook air to Usb

For storing, viewing, and editing your images, MacBooks provide a range of options, including iPhoto, Aperture, Front Row, and specific folders. When you need to access your images away from your MacBook, none of these programs can help. One of the simplest and most practical methods to carry your images everywhere you go is to … Read more

How do i Scan a Document and Upload it to My Computer

People may need to scan papers or photographs into their computer for a variety of reasons. Sending urgent documentation to a recipient across the nation and the insufficient speed of postal delivery are two typical justifications. Even if one is going paperless, they may still want to retain their vital documents close to hand. Additionally, … Read more

How to Put a Footer Only One Page in Word 2010

But what happens if you simply want to add a footer to one page in Google Docs? You’ll need to adjust a little on your end to make that happen. But don’t worry, it’s a simple process that won’t take more than a minute of your time. We’ll give all the guidance you need in … Read more

How to Make a Star in Microsoft Word

A sizable collection of star images were removed when Microsoft stopped offering the Clip Art capability in Microsoft Word. The star picture can still be added to your Microsoft Word document in a variety of ways, though. One choice is to make use of the star symbol provided by Microsoft with the Wingdings 2 font. … Read more

How to Insert Word Bubbles in Microsoft Word

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, a graphic may only include a few words or even a thousand. A straightforward technique to add design to your Microsoft Word documents is to employ the recognizable word bubble, which is meant to represent a person’s ideas or commentary on the page. Word includes simple … Read more

How to Change the Header Size on MS Word

One of the oldest and most popular word processors in computing history is Microsoft Word. It allows users to produce a wide range of documents with practically limitless unique formatting options. The ability to alter the document header’s size is one of the choices given to MS Word users. Step 1 Click “View” to open … Read more