How to Make Microsoft Word Look Like a Command Prompt

The command prompt is an application in Microsoft Windows that lets you type in commands and run batch scripts. It doesn’t have a graphical user interface, and its black background and use of the Consolas or Lucida Console fonts set it apart from other windows. Because you can use these fonts in other programs, like … Read more

How to Make a CD Cover on Word

The Microsoft Office suite includes a word processing program called Microsoft Word. Even though many people use Word for simple things like writing letters, it can be used for much more. One of these uses is to make custom CD covers for CDs and DVDs that you make yourself. With Word templates, anyone, no matter … Read more

How to Limit Internet Speed

Either the router or the computer can be used to change how fast the Internet is. You can limit speed on your own, but you can also use tools to give different settings to different programs, limit how much bandwidth they use, and change how they’re prioritized. Built-in parental controls can also set different limits … Read more

How to Use Notes in Microsoft Word

When you open a document in Microsoft Word, anyone can see the comments. This lets you leave notes for group editing and collaboration. If you have Word 2013, you can also reply to the comments of other users. This makes it easier to follow the comments that editors make to each other. In Word 2013, … Read more

How to Convert WordPad to Word

WordPad is a very simple word processing program that has been free with every version of Microsoft Windows since Windows 95. WordPad lets you make simple changes to documents, but if you want to add tables or run a spell check, you’ll need to convert your WordPad document to Microsoft Office Word. Microsoft took away … Read more

How to Get Quotation Marks to Go the Right Direction in MS Word

Microsoft Word 2010 can make quotation marks point in the right direction, up at the beginning of a quoted word, phrase, or passage and down at the end. Some people turn this feature off, though, because they prefer to use straight quotation marks that don’t point in any direction so that their software can work … Read more

How to Convert a Word Document to WordPerfect Format

WordPerfect Office is the only office suite for Windows that is not just a copy of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office is used by most people, or at least most people who use office apps. Even though Microsoft’s apps are mature and powerful, they may not be the best ones for you. There are a lot … Read more

How to Turn Off Scroll Lock Function on Logitech Keyboard

There is a “Scroll Lock” key on some Logitech keyboards. The “Scroll Lock” key is a holdover from the old IBM keyboards. It was used on computers without a mouse to move through text. With the exception of spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel, the “Scroll Lock” function is only used by a small number of … Read more

How to Charge Logitech Mouse When Blinking Red

A computer mouse is a device attached to a computer that allows you to control the cursor or pointer on your screen by moving your hand over the mouse. Logitech is a manufacturer of computer peripherals, notably computer mice. A wireless Logitech mouse is powered by either AA batteries or rechargeable battery packs. This guide … Read more

How to Connect/Pair Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard

Bluetooth wireless keyboards and wireless keyboards that use Logitech’s own proprietary wireless connection are both products that the company manufactures and sells. Due to the fact that both Bluetooth and the Logitech Unifying receiver use the same wireless band, the level of performance, dependability, and susceptibility to radio interference offered by both technologies is comparable. … Read more

Solution for Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360 Not Working

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How To Connect Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350

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How to Change the Batteries on a Logitech Wireless Mouse

The use of wireless mice can reduce clutter in the workspace, however they typically need to have their batteries changed, unlike regular mice. Since Logitech sells a variety of battery-operated wireless mice, no single set of instructions will apply to all of them. Nevertheless, because many Logitech products have comparable battery bays, procedures for various … Read more