How to View Saved Passwords on a Kindle

Your Kindle Fire browser’s password storage feature has a “Clear Passwords” button that deletes password data from the device, but you can’t see and change passwords one by one. A different solution is to install and use a third-party password management app like LastPass, SplashID, or KeePass. LastPass was named one of PCWorld’s “Best Products … Read more

How to Install EPS Files into Microsoft Word

In the 1980s, Adobe made EPS files, which were a type of image file that came before PDFs. These files aren’t used as much as they used to be because there are so many better options now, but you may still come across them from time to time. If you want to use an EPS … Read more

How to Write Chemical Formulas in Microsoft Word

Users of Microsoft Word 2013 who want to write up their lab discoveries don’t have to use only the letters and numbers on their keyboards. Scientists may use complicated chemical formulas to talk about systematic studies, but it takes the same number of clicks on the keyboard to write a chemical formula as it does … Read more

How to Make Word Full Screen Size

You can switch your document to Read Mode in Microsoft Word to hide the ribbon and see it in full screen. Read Mode gives you a simpler layout so you can focus on what’s on the page. As an alternative, you can use the buttons in the title bar to switch to full screen and … Read more

How to Split a Word Document

Once you’ve made a document in Microsoft Word, you can split it into multiple documents within the Word file. The name for these is “subdocuments.” One subdocument can even be split into more than one subdocument. To split a Word file into multiple subdocuments, you need to use commands that may not be available right … Read more

How to Take a Screenshot on Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word processing program for Windows computers that lets you make different kinds of documents and add pictures and spreadsheets to them. You can also take a picture of the program’s screen and use it in another Word document. A screenshot shows everything that is currently on the screen, such as the … Read more

How to Change Last Saved By in Word Document

When you use Microsoft Word, a word processor made by Microsoft Corporation, to make a document, it stores information about the user who made the file and the user who last saved it. This feature can be helpful for keeping track of how a project is going, but it can also give third parties access … Read more

How to Make Corrections on a Word Document

Using Microsoft’s “Track changes” feature, it is easy to make changes to a Word document. This lets you make changes to documents without making them different forever. When you’re done making changes to the Word document, you can send it to other people so they can accept or reject your changes. This feature is helpful … Read more

How to Remove Underlining From a Document in Microsoft Word

You can use the ribbon, menus, and keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word to underline individual words or whole sections of a document. You can also use different types of underlining, like single, double, decorative, word-only, and blank-space underlines. You can easily get rid of underlining by using the same formatting options. Start by choosing the … Read more

How to Invert the Colors of an Image in Microsoft Word

Both Microsoft Office Word 2013 and 2010 can only edit images in limited ways. Images in your documents can get different effects from the software, and you can also crop them and change their colors, brightness, and contrast. But it can’t turn the colors of an image around. To change the colors, you must use … Read more

How to Put a Greater Than or Equal to Sign in a Word Document

Philosophers of mathematics know that most equations aren’t as simple as “one plus one equals two.” You can add a greater than or equal to sign to a Microsoft Word document by pressing the Equal or Greater Than keyboard keys. You can also add these characters as equations. For everything to make sense, you need … Read more

How to Remove Characters in a Word Document

If there are characters in a document that you want to get rid of, there are usually two good ways to do this. If the document is short, you can just use the mouse or delete button to get rid of the characters. However, if the document is long, removing characters by hand can take … Read more

How to Convert OneNote File to Word

Collaboration, automatic cloud syncing, and the ability to take notes anywhere make Microsoft OneNote a popular choice for many people who need to take notes for class or record meeting minutes. But not everyone has Microsoft OneNote, so you may need to convert a OneNote notebook to another file format before sharing it with a … Read more