How to Transfer Phone Numbers to New Phone

You can easily move a phone number from one phone on the same network to another on the same network. You can also transfer your phone number between network providers, but you may need to take a few extra steps to make sure you keep the same number. Keeping your phone number is convenient, and … Read more

How to Find a Port Number

Computers send and receive data through a network connection like Ethernet or wireless to talk to the Internet. Different kinds of messages, like those for websites, chat, or email, are sent and received through ports. Each port has its own number. For instance, website data could be sent over port 1031 and email data could … Read more

How to Enable Port 587

Email client programs like Outlook, Pegasus, Eudora, and Thunderbird send emails through the server using TCP port 25. However, this port is often used by malware. In order to protect the network, office mail servers or mail servers that are hosted for a domain may block port 25. To send emails in situations like this, … Read more

How to Reset a Brocade Switch to Factory Defaults

Storage area network (SAN) devices, Ethernet switches, and wireless systems are all part of Brocade’s network equipment. Fiber channel switches like the Brocade Silkworm line are usually installed in SAN environments. If you need to move a Silkworm switch to a different environment, you can quickly do so by resetting it to its factory default … Read more

How to Open Ports in a MikroTik Router

Set up the Linux-based MikroTik router to protect your private network and give access to services you want to offer over the computer network. The MikroTik router has a configuration module that is based on an application and can be accessed directly through a Web browser. Use the “Winbox” program to configure the MikroTik router … Read more

How to Calculate Absolute Value in Excel

After you’ve used Excel for a while, you might wonder if it has an absolute value function. There is, thank goodness. A number’s absolute value is how far away it is from 0. So, even if the value is negative, the absolute value is always a positive number. The absolute value of -7, for example, … Read more

How to Use the Square Root on a Texas Instrument Calculator

Texas Instruments makes a wide range of scientific and graphing calculators that can do everything from simple addition and subtraction to making graphs from complicated formulas. All Texas Instrument calculators have a function called “square root,” which automatically finds the square root of the number you put in. The square root of a number is … Read more