How to Make Periods Bigger on Word Document

In Microsoft Word, you usually have to select the content you want to change and then choose the new setting. But there is a faster way to make periods bigger in a Microsoft Word document that already exists.¬†Punctuation marks are an important part of your Microsoft Word document because they help people read your information … Read more

How to Remove a Draft Document From Word

What is a draft document in word ?. A draft document is one that hasn’t been finished yet. Documents that are drafts are marked with watermarks in Microsoft Word. A text or an image can be used as the watermark. Watermarks show up in the background of a page and can be seen in Web, … Read more

How to Remove All Carriage Returns

A carriage return puts your cursor on the next line and ends the current sentence or paragraph. Most carriage returns are added by pressing “Enter” on your keyboard, but when you import text from another source, carriage returns often happen on their own. If you don’t get rid of all carriage returns, these formatting additions … Read more

How Can I Remove Spacing in TextPad?

The simplest way to get rid of extra spaces in text documents is to look for them line by line and use the Delete key to get rid of each one. This can be a lot of work, though. But if you are using a text editor like TextPad, you can use the Replace tool … Read more

How to Delete Blank Space in Word Document

When working with large documents in Microsoft Word, formatting is often a problem. Editing, adding and taking away graphics, and even making general changes can leave a lot of empty space. Small sections are easy to handle, and in Word, all you have to do to get rid of a blank paragraph is press the … Read more

How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard

Many people use their laptop keyboards to play games, work, and even do online shopping. Students now also take online classes on their laptops. Now more than ever, laptop keyboards are being used to their fullest. Because of this, dirt and spills are more likely to get into the keys on your laptop.¬†Dirt, dust, food, … Read more

How to Remove and Replacing Laptop Keys

A laptop is not as easily modified or upgraded as a desktop PC or its peripherals. Replacement and upgrading of laptop internal hardware is more difficult. However, due to their widespread use in daily life, laptop keys are prone to collecting grime and food particles. Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to disassemble a laptop … Read more

How to Remove Laptop Keyboard Keys

Desktop PCs and PC accessories are made to be changed and improved, but laptops are not. It is harder to replace parts in a laptop or add new hardware to the inside. But laptop keys are used a lot throughout the day and may have crumbs or dirt under them. Here is a step-by-step guide … Read more

Alphanumeric keypad Function of each of the keys

The alphanumeric keyboard is like the typewriter’s keyboard. It has all the letters of the alphabet, the ten decimal digits, and the punctuation and accent marks. Numeric keyboard: On the right is a set of 16 keys called the “Numeric Key Pad.” It has the numbers 0 through 9, the + and – signs, the … Read more

What Is an Alphanumeric Keypad

A keypad with both letters and numbers on the same keys is called an alphanumeric keypad. Most of the time, they are on phones and cell phones. They can also be found on laptops, ATMs, and any other device that needs both numbers and letters. On phones, the number “1” usually doesn’t have any letters … Read more

How to Get Annual Sales in Excel

In order to manage data manipulations like arithmetic operations, spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel use a grid of cells arranged in numbered rows and letter-named columns. It has a variety of built-in functionalities to address financial, engineering, and statistical requirements. Additionally, it has a very limited three-dimensional graphical display and can present data as line graphs, … Read more

How to Break Data Into Quartiles in Excel

Mathematical statistics have a significant role and are frequently used. In statistics, the idea of quarters is crucial. Educate yourself further about quarters and the Quartile Formula. Quartile Calculation Quartile is a statistical term that divides the data into four quarters, just as it sounds phonetically. On the number line, it essentially separates the data … Read more

How to Calculate CPK With Excel

Process Capability is the name given to Cpk. This is typically used when a process is in statistical control. With a mature process that has been around for a long, this frequently occurs. Using either the Moving Range, Range, or Sigma control charts, the process sigma value is calculated. Theoretically, Cpk will always exceed or … Read more